Dave Gudgin 25 Time Trial (2/4) – 29 May 2018

Reporter: Scott Horwood
Event Sec. & Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Prop: Steve Smith
Handicapping: Nigel Wilson

Back to the usual 1U/25 Dave Gudgin 25 miles course we all know, and love to hate.  The weather was nice and sunny and extremely hot for British weather …. oh, wait that was the day before.  Back to normal torrential rain all day, making yourself come up with the best excuse to stay at home next to a radiator to keep warm. Unfortunately for the tough ones the rain stopped in time to dry out slightly which meant we had to give it a go.

Special mention – Nigel Wilson was rather upset Paul Riley didn’t turn up, something about losing the Giro I believe. I didn’t know he was racing in it.

A depleted field of only seven riders took to the course hoping for PB’s or just to get around and get home sharpish.

A very strong northery wind helped push each rider back as soon as we got onto the long drag to the G&M Growers.  This easily zapped energy and will-power out of the riders when looking down at their computers and realising how slow a pace they were going at.  Also, on the same road was some unfortunate road kill to help distract us from our own predicament (poor Badger)

The rest of the route felt fast due to the strong tailwind.  All in all it was great fun!  Special thank you to all organisers and helpers as ever.  Thank you for doing a brilliant and flawless job.

Some great times tonight by all on a tough day out:

Nomads (Men) 

Marc Diplock 1:05:57; Scott Horwood 1:06:19; Nigel Tooke 1:10:26; Nigel Wilson 1:12:05; Paul Wright 1:14:36; Mark Loosely 1:21:34

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) – 1:04:49

Handicap Competition

The standings after two events in the four-event handicap competition are as follows.  These are the average times.  Members must complete three rides to qualify and the average of their three best results is used.  As indicated, some have ridden twice and others once so far.

Catherine Jones (1) 39:17; Marc Diplock (2) 42:59; Chris Corney (1) 43:05; Sam Hayes (1) 43:17; Steve Robinson (1) 43:28; Scott Horwood (2) 43:48; Simon Doyle (1) 44:11; Paul Riley (1) 44:38; Nigel Tooke (2) 44:56; Paul Wright (2) 48:30; Stephen Oliver (1) 48:51; Mark Loosley (2) 49:30; David Summerell (1) 49:41; Nigel Wilson (1) 50:38; Simon Young (1) 55:06; Helen Riley (1) 61:10 

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