Clive Five Time Trial – 5 June 2018

Event Sec and Principal Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Time Keepers: Frank Turner, Paul Riley
Prop: Michael Webb
Course Marshal: Julian Pegg
Reporter: Nick Hickman

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The first ever Nomads’  Club Time Trial was a five miles event, held on 15 August 1931. The course used is unknown but it was won by Norman Pearce at an average speed of 24.62 mph, giving a time of 12:12.  Roll forward nearly 87 years and that is still a very good time to beat at the new “Clive Five” event on 1U/5 …

The north easterly wind seemed favourable for this course.  A ten miler using the stretch up to G&M Growers would have been slow.  Ella Ruggles took one second off the women’s and junior’s course records she had set herself first time out.  Ryan Witchell beat his own men’s course record by five seconds.  He did however lose a small gel-based wager with his minute man Nick Hickman who held him off for 2.2 miles.  Steve Robinson and Simon Doyle set a baseline men’s tandem course record.  These records will stand until next season as this was the last of the two five miles events for 2018.

Hitchin Nomads

Women: Ella Ruggles (Junior) 15:43; Meline Fletcher 16:44

Men: Ryan Witchell 10:46; Steve Robinson & Simon Doyle (tandem) 12:03; Sam Hayes 12:11; Nick Hickman 12:48; Scott Horwood 12:48; Chris Brabrook 13:09; Matt Lippard 13:14; Nigel Tooke 13:12; Nigel Wilson 13:49; Paul Wright 13:52; Brian Ruggles 14:01; Chris Corney 14:10; Mike Moralee 15:29; David Heath 15:47; David Summerell 15:47; Chris Wilson off course

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 12:10; Mick Case (BRRT) 13:03

Next Event

Dave Gudgin 25 (3 of 4) using 1U/25 course.  Tuesday 12 June, 19:00.