Boxing Day 10 – 26 Dec 2017

Attachment: Boxing Day 10 Results 2017 (Scratch and Handicap Results)

The Hitchin Nomads’ 2017 Time Trial Season was brought to a close in fine style with the traditional “Boxing Day 10”.  This was possibly the 48th edition of the Event, which has been going since 1969.  Given the time of year a fair few editions might have been cancelled due to inclement weather of course though.  On this occasion, fifty riders were greeted by bright winter sunshine.  However, a stiff breeze took away any radiant warmth and kept the temperature only just high enough to ensure there was no ice on the course.

As usual, riders from many other Clubs as well as the Nomads were welcomed to the Event.  Laurence Richardson from St Neots CC, seated on a trailer bike attached to father Simon’s machine, was the youngest competitor at seven years old.  He put in a strong ride to squeeze in just under the 40 minutes mark.  Simon reports that he is “counting down the days until he tows me around”.

Simon and Laurence Richardson

Simon & Laurence Richardson (St Neots CC)

Brian Hygate from Fareham Wheelers CC was the most senior competitor, with his 80 years earning him a 565 seconds handicap and another 88 seconds due to his 1965 machine.  Lindz Barral of JCA-Equipe Velo, a regular at the Tuesday evening 10s, was in attendance towing little Santa around in a trailer, the usual reindeer team having been given the day off after its recent world tour.

Lindz Barral

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) and little Santa

There was a tremendous showing of no less than fourteen riders from the Icknield Road Club, together with a creditable five from St Neots CC and four from the Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club and its Racing Team.  The oldest machine on show was of 1887 vintage with solid tyres, ridden by Tim Dawson of the Veteran-Cycle Club and mounted in great style at the start line.

Tim Dawson

Tim Dawson (Veteran-Cycle Club)

Mike Kitchen, also from V-CC was riding a rather more new-fangled machine, from 1914.

Mike Kitchen

Mike Kitchen (Veteran-Cycle Club)

The Chronos Racing Team, Flamme Rouge Cycling Team, VTTA London & Home Counties and iCycle were also represented, together with riders attached to no Club or Team.  Jack Steel-Jessop of FRCC was fastest rider on scratch, with a ” long-23″ that many would be delighted with on this course in perfect conditions, mid-season.

Jack Steel-Jessop

Jack Steel-Jessop (Flamme Rouge Cycling Club)

Of the Hitchin Nomads, first off was mother and daughter 2-up Riley team Helen and Francesca, earning the Alan Porter trophy for most meritorious performance.  Hopefully this might lead to some 2018 season intra-family, boys vs. girls rivalry with time trialling old-hands Paul and Oscar.

Helen and Frankie Riley

Helen and Francesca Riley (HNCC)

A second 2-up pairing was made up by the stylishly(?) moustachioed Chuckle Brothers, Manuel Manrique and John Martin, with shouts of “To me, to you” being heard around the course each time they initiated a switch of lead man and draft.

Chuckle Bros.

Chuckle Bros. (HNCC)

Next up was the Nomads’ triple tandem with David Rickels as Captain, Madam Chairman Meli Fletcher in a leopard skin suit as 1st Stoker, and Paul Riley as 2nd Stoker.

Triple Tandem
Rickels, Fletcher & Riley (HNCC)

 A further tandem pairing was Chris Corney and Tracy Gosling on the 1979 Peugeot machine that Chris has beautifully refurbished.

Corney and Gosling.jpg
Chris Corney and Tracy Gosling (HNCC)

Other Nomads included veteran Corporal Jones and junior Ella Ruggles, whose father Brian also rode.

And David Rossall on his 1979 tricycle.

David Rossall

David Rossall (HNCC)


Also seen riding, but not competing was master of the clocks Time Keeper Frank Turner.

Frank Turner (Time Keeper).jpg

Frank Turner (HNCC Time Keeper)

Congratulations to the Event Crew have been received from far and wide, with comments such as “great event”, “super enjoyable ride”, “thanks from all of our contingent”, “friendly hospitality”, “well conducted event”, “fantastic food”, “thanks to Hitchin Nomads helpers”.  With apologies to any of the Crew your reporter has missed, the roster was:

Nick Hickman (Event Sec), Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler (Timekeepers), Radu Chirvasuta and Nigel Wilson (Props), Meli Fletcher (Kitchen Captain), Ann Collins (Results Board), Rickels Family (Kitchen Team), lots of other people (Chefs, Bakers, Provisions Suppliers and Photography)

Note on photographs:  All images in this report have been provided by friend of the Nomads, Davey Jones.  As a courtesy, please credit him if sharing on social media etc.

Note on handicapping: Solid tyres -13.5%; pre-1987 machine 4 secs per year; pre-1950 machine 4 secs per year (so 8 secs per year in total); rider >40 yrs 12 secs per year; >47 yrs additional 1 sec per year; >55 additional 1 sec per year; >63 additional 1 sec per year; >71 additional 1 sec per year; >79 additional 1 sec per year.

Event Sec. note on pre-entry and sign on:  It was challenging to get the necessary rider and handicapping details for “on-the-day” entries.  The information must be transferred from the sign-on sheet to the Time Keepers’ results sheet, the Results Board computer spreadsheet and hard copy.  The Club  welcomes such entries, indeed “the more the merrier”, but respectfully requests all to pre-enter via the Club’s FB group or email to in the 49th edition this time next year.  Requests for 2-up rides, early /  late starts can be easily accommodated a few days days ahead of time but not 30 mins before the “clocks are on”.


Boxing Day 10 – Start Numbers

HNCC Boxing Day 10 Sign On Sheet 2017

Start numbers can be found in the sign on sheet attached above.  #1 is off at 11:01.


  • Start times might have to change just a little, depending on volume of “on the day” entries and DNS.  Some early slots are left blank to accommodate any slower “on the day” entries.
  • We have all the required addresses and emergency contact details but to protect riders’ privacy they will only be shown on printed hard copy.
  • Rider age handicaps only apply to solo riders and are not shown for 2-ups and tandems.
  • Machine year and solid tyre handicaps do not apply to 2-up teams.

Mileage Competition – March to October 2017

The Hitchin Nomads’ Mileage Competition (also known as the “8 months Time Trial”) saw more than 130,000 miles being ridden by this year’s entrants between the months of March and October inclusive.

The Club Member completing the most miles was Nick Hickman, who deservedly becomes our 4th different winner of the trophy in 4 years.  This became the highest annual mileage trophy from 2014, currently based on March – October miles (not on a static bike).  The trophy was originally the Alan Thompson Memorial Cup, awarded from 1956 – 1995.  The competition, organised by Walt Livings, consisted of a series of questions where the answers would be found on a course set by Walt.  Also, it is thought that points were awarded for a free-wheeling competition with the most points awarded for the rider to go the furthest from a downhill standing start; and a speed judging competition where riders had to maintain a set pace over one mile, without the benefit of a GPS device or other speedometer of course!

Trophy #27 - Highest Annual Mileage

Nick Hickman – winner 2017

A late surge from John Curtin gave him 2nd place, and previous winner Nigel Hale once again covered a lot of miles to take 3rd.   14 people each rode over 4,000 miles to achieve the bronze or higher standard.  “Chapeau!” to junior entrants Ella Ruggles and Flo Cornell who completed the Event with nearly 1,000 miles between them.  Well done to all:

Miles 2017

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Juniors

A special mention goes to Andrew Hardy and Mark Collins who may well have joined this group if it hadn’t been for injury and, based on her mileage in the rest of the year, Catherine Jones who would have been challenging John and Nigel for a place on the podium if injury hadn’t also truncated her season. There’s always 2018 and there are just 118 days to go until we start all over again on 1st March …

Charlton Hill Climb – 15 October 2017

Event Crew: Nigel Wilson, Frank Turner, Julian Pegg, Mark Young, Denise Pegg

The 24 entrants in this year’s Charlton hill climb were greeted by perfect conditions for the final event of this year’s time trial season. And the morning held one further pleasant surprise – the unexpected arrival of veteran Nomad Tony Furby. Tony however, declined the offer of pinning a number on his back.

The entrants made the most of the conditions with 9 riders going under 1:30 for the course (only 3 people managed this last year). Biggest cheer of the day was for Ella Ruggles who set off at a cracking pace on the climb. However, the fastest lady of the day was Chloe Scott who managed to complete the ride in an impressive 1:57. The top 5 in the gents competition were separated by less than 5 seconds with Nick Morgan just pipping Andy Saunders on the line. James Bainbridge completed the podium.

The Event Crew did an excellent job with Frank Turner on the finish line, Julian Pegg and Mark Young on the start line, and Denise Pegg provided mid-climb support with her cowbell. Thanks go to Nick and Ashleigh Morgan for providing post-ride hospitality.

Nomads Competition

Women: Chloe Scott 1:57.5; Rachel O’Donnell; 2:34.8; Ella Ruggles (Junior) 2:37.9

8W. Hill Climb Women

Chloe Scott 2017

Men: Nick Morgan 1:19.5; Andy Saunders 1:19.9; James Bainbridge 1:21.9; Patrick Maher 1:23.3; Tom Morris 1:23.8; Mark Desborough 1:26.3; Rob Lampard 1:26.6; Radu Chirvasuta 1:29.9; Scott Horwood 1:30.7; David Rickels 1:35.9; Brian Ruggles 1:38.1; Nick Senechal 1:38.9; Paul Greenfield 1:40.6; Steve King 1:40.9; Andrew Hardy 1:52.0; Steve Stanbury 1:52.9; Nigel Tooke 1:56.8;  Jamie Tomlin 2:01.4; Stephen Oliver 2:17.4; Mike Allen 2:21.5

8. Hill Climb Champion

Nick Morgan 2017

Private Time Trial

Pat Allen 1:38.2

NEXT EVENT: Boxing Day 10

Autumn Hilly TT – 7 October 2017

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials – Under its rules and regulations

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper and Prop: Chris Jones
Event Organiser, Sign On and Course Signage: Nick Hickman

Course: 6Z/10 x 2 (“Whitwell Circuit”) 18.4 miles

Fastest Nomads

Men: James Bainbridge 0:46:10
Women: Ingrid Matthews 0:55:27

Full Results

Rider 1st Lap Time Bicycle
James Bainbridge 0:22:43 0:46:10 TT Machine
Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 0:23:00 0:46:12 TT Machine
Keith Barton (St Neots CC) 0:23:51 0:47:24 TT Machine
James McPherson 0:24:09 0:48:33 TT Machine
Mark Desborough 0:24:38 0:49:25 TT Machine
Julian Pegg 0:24:28 0:49:38 Road Bike
Nick Senechal 0:25:21 0:51:02 TT Machine
Ross Thompson 0:25:13 0:51:21 Road Bike with Aero Bars
Paul Greenfield 0:26:26 0:52:57 Road Bike
Radu Chirvasuta 0:26:20 0:54:03 Road Bike
Ingrid Matthews ( W ) 0:27:10 0:55:27 Road Bike
Andrew Hardy 0:27:59 0:56:48 Road Bike
Nick Hickman 0:29:02 0:58:15 Medium Gear 72″ Fixed
Darren Timms 0:28:56 0:58:36 Road Bike
Steve Smith 0:29:27 0:59:17 Road Bike
David Summerell 0:28:55 0:59:50 TT Machine
Mark Loosely 0:29:50 1:00:27 Road Bike
Catherine Jones ( W ) 0:30:32 1:01:39 Road Bike
Scott Horwood (0:12:26 late start penalty) 0:26:01 1:04:04 Road Bike with Aero Bars

Late Season Series – 3 September 2017

Course: F1B/10 (using A1, Tempsford – Sandy – Biggleswade North – Sandy – Tempsford)
HQ: Stuart Memorial Hall, Tempsford

Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Assistant Time Keeper: Steve Smith
Prop and Kitchen: Paul Riley
Course Marshal: John Martin
Event Secretary and Course Signage: Nick Hickman
Baking: Ann Collins, Flo & Mabel Cornell, Jane Hickman, John Martin’s Mum
Photography: Davey Jones, Nick Hickman, Simon Doyle, James Cornell

Some excellent times on a fast, local course that is sadly very underused – most likely because local regulations only allow events early on a Sunday morning due to traffic volumes and there is little tradition of 10s at that time.  There were a host of course bests (most everyone probably since the course has not been used in six or seven years), season bests and a few lifetime personal bests.

Nomads’ combined times for this two-event series has Mark Desborough in 1st place with 47:09, Nick Hickman in 2nd with 48:04 and Nigel Tooke taking the 3rd step on the podium with 49:57.

HNCC Results

Rider Time
Morgan, Nick 21:05
Bainbridge, James 21:43
Ashfield, Gavin 22:31
Desborough, Mark 22:46
Nick Hickman 22:47
Senechal, Nick 23:17
Tooke, Nigel 23:53
Wilson, Nigel 24:01
O’Sullivan, Paul 24:29
Brabrook, Chris 24:53
Cutler, Leanne 25:02
Manuel Manrique DNS (apols)

Private Time Trials

Rider Club / Team Time
Stuart, Jason CC Ashwell 21:29
Barral, Lindz JCA-Equipe Velo 21:50
Barton, Keith St Neots CC 22:00
Diplock, Marc Doncaster Wheelers CC 22:19
Doyle, Simon Team Sales Engine 22:33
Green, Chris St Neots CC 22:36
Nelson, Cody BRRT 23:04
Stokes, Ian 45 RC 23:41
Case, Mick BRRT 23:50
Hughes, Steve iCycle 23:51

Late Season Series – 20 August 2017

Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Time Keeper: Nick Senechal
Prop: Michael Webb
Course Check, Signage and Sign On: Nick Hickman

Hitchin Nomads Event:

Steve Robinson & Sam Hayes (tandem) 21:56; Mark Desborough 24:23; John Watson 24:26; Nick Hickman 25:17; Nigel Tooke 26:04; Chris Corney 27:30; Paul Riley 28:26; David Summerell 29:03

Private Time Trials:

Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 23:11; Keith Barton (St Neots CC) 23:13; Marc Diplock (Doncaster Wheelers CC) 24:53; Chris Green (St Neots CC) 25:08; Steve Hughes (iCycle) 25:15; Ian Stokes (45 RC) 26:26

Next event: F1B/10 Sunday 3 September 2017 08:00. Entry closes Tuesday 29 August. Open to Club Members and Private Time Trialists from CTT Affiliated Clubs / Teams who have ridden a HNCC Club Event (Type B, and not Inter Club 30) this season. Entries to Nick Hickman via Face Book poll response or email to TimeTrials@HitchinNomads.CC . There will be NO ENTRY ON THE DAY.