Briercliffe 10 – 2 April 2019

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Principal Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Event Sec and Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Prop: Michael Webb
Club Time Trial Secretary: Julian Pegg
Course Check + Set Up and Event Reporter: Nick Hickman

There was some debate about where the sign on was to be for the evening’s Event.  However, it was obvious to those riding out that it was at the end of the rainbow, the one that appeared as the sun came out during the heavy shower just before proceedings got under way.

The weather put a few off but it was still a decent size field for the first week day Event of the season.  There was a good mix of road bikes, TT machines and a medium gear fixed.  Aside from being very cold the conditions were good in the end, with the rain holding off and little to no breeze.

Fastest rides of the night were Emily Virgil for the women and Chris Brabrook for the men.  Everyone got around in well under 30 minutes, aside from Olly Oxton who surely would have got “evens” too had he not needed to attend to a p*ncture half way round.

HNCC Competition

Women: Emily Virgil 28:42; Catherine Jones 29:29

Men: Chris Brabrook 25:29; Andy Saunders 25:54; Steve Robinson 26:23; Adrian Matthew 26:29; Andrew Hardy 26:42; Tom Weir 27:04; Brian Ruggles 27:24; John Curtin 27:36; Paul Wright 28:43; Olly Oxton 40:31

Private Time Trials

Nick Hickman (Team 28:52

Next Event

18:30 Tuesday 9th April, using the “Roadworks 10” course again.

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