Briercliffe 10 TT – 3 July 2018

Club Briercliffe Shield

Event Sec, Sign On and Assistant Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Principal Time Keeper: Frank Turner
Prop: Julian Pegg
Reporter: Tom Weir

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Seeing as I have now (finally) finished my degree and am not starting work until September, I found myself being handed the results sheet with the comment, “you have nothing to do at the moment!”.  Other that ride my bike, this isn’t too far from the truth.  So here it is, my first ever evening 10 report.

Twelve riders decided (correctly) that they would prefer to endure unnecessary levels of self-inflicted pain instead of watching the first half of 22 men having a wrestling match on a football pitch.  Some good times were posted on the hot but gusty evening.  I can’t tell you what direction the wind was going in, as in my opinion it was a head wind the whole way around… maybe the editor can add that bit in [Editor: It was a North Easterly.  Your degree wasn’t in geography then?].  The average time of the night was a respectful 26 minutes and 52 seconds.  I don’t think anyone has ever used that to describe an evening 10, but maybe it will catch on!?

Fastest rider of the evening was Ryan Witchell who managed a time of 21:34, achieving a Course Best and getting ever closer to Justin Layne’s Course Record. He does have me to thank however as I volunteered to act as a carrot, knowing that my final exam season and subsequent partying would not have helped my form and that being caught was a real possibility (getting my excuses out there).

Stephen Hague completed his first ever Briercliffe 10 with a time of 28:43 (PB! 😉), meaning he didn’t follow the long standing tradition of getting lost on the first time round the sporting course.

There are six more evening 10’s this year, with four being on the regular Briercliffe course and the final two on the Roadworks 10. Hopefully the nice weather will continue and there will be flurries of PB’s.  Still chance to make a bid for the Briercliffe Shields (average of fastest three times, Club Shield and Women’s Shield).


Thanks to the organisers for putting on the event (Frank, Leanne and Julian).

Hitchin Nomads

Ryan Witchell 21:34: Nick Morgan 23.06; Thomas Weir 24:27; Nick Hickman 25:58; Nigel Tooke 26:43; Brian Ruggles 27:08; Paul Wright 28:47; Chris Corney 29:14; David Summerell 30:50; David Heath 31:36

Private Time Trials

Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 24:19; Stephen Hague (unattached) 28:43