Dave Gudgin 25 Miles Time Trial – 12 June 2018

Event Sec: Leanne Cutler
Time Keepers: Frank Turner and Meli Fletcher
Props: David Heath and James McPherson

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

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Despite the North Easterly wind that has taken up residence on the Nomads TT courses for the 2018 season, a new Club record was established with the Leanne Cutler / Nick Hickman team setting an impressive mixed tandem 25 miles record of 1:08:10.

Some excellent solo times were also set with Sam Hayes the fastest Nomad on the night with a 1:02:53, closely followed by James McPherson.  Nigel Tooke’s current run of good form continues with a 1:07:37.  Fastest rider was Jason Stuart from CC Ashwell who posted a superb 58:22.

Commiserations to Paul Wright who completed an unwanted hat trick – 3rd p*ncture of the season at a Club Event.  Thank you to the Event Crew, especially to Meli Fletcher and Frank Turner for keeping us in good order and to Simon Doyle for his on-course words of encouragement.

Hitchin Nomads

Women: Catherine Jones 1:15:12

Men: Sam Hayes 1:02:53; James McPherson 1:03:23; Marc Diplock 1:03:29; Scott Horwood 1:05:17; Nigel Tooke 1:07:37; Brian Ruggles 1:09:40; Mani Manrique 1:09:45; Nigel Wilson 1:10:12; Steve Smith 1:17:11; David Summerell 1:20:03; Stephen Oliver 1:21:00; Christopher Wilson 1:23:55; Paul Wright DNF

Mixed Tandem: Leanne Cutler / Nick Hickman 1:08:10 (Club record)

Private Time Trials

Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 58:22; Lindz Barral (JCA-Equipe Velo) 1:02:35

Dave Gudgin Handicap Competition

Nigel Tooke, Scott Horwood and Marc Diplock have all completed the rides required to qualify.  If they ride the final event, their best 3 handicap results will count. 7 other riders will also qualify providing they ride the last event in the series on Tuesday 26 June.

The current positions are:

Catherine Jones 41:43; Marc Diplock 43:17; Scott Horwood 44:26; Nigel Tooke 45:23; Sam Hayes 46:19; Paul Wright 48:30; Stephen Oliver 48:46; Mark Loosley 49:30; Nigel Wilson 49:42; David Summerell 52:00.

As things stand, Catherine Jones wins the competition if she finishes the final event within 0:11:33 of Marc Diplock.  On this occasion she finished 0:11:43 behind him, so it could go to the wire!

Next Event

Tuesday 19th June sees the return of the annual “Old Skool”, non-aero competition on the regular Briercliffe 10 course.  Chris Brabrook won the event last year.

Leave your TT machines, deep-section wheels and pointy hats at home!  No precise rules are set on what consists “non-aero”, but in general terms whatever would be used in a road race or club run will get past the scrutineers.  If the weather is fair then the usual results analysis and debate on the unwritten regulations will be conducted in the garden of the White Horse pub in Southill afterwards.