Five for Clive – 21 May 2019

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Principal Time Keeper and Event Secretary: Nick Hickman (TSE)
Assistant Time Keeper: Paul Riley
Prop: Andrew Hardy
Club TT Secretary: Julian Pegg
Reporter: Nigel Tooke

Thirteen Nomads and three guest riders took part in the first of two “Five for Clive” events of the year, run in memory of the dearly loved Nomad Clive Collins who sadly passed away in 2013. When this reporter joined the Nomads 25 years ago, Clive was the first point of contact and remained unfailingly enthusiastic and supportive towards myself and everyone in the club. What better way to honour the man and his passion for cycling!

As Nick Hickman noted in the event invitation, the first ever Nomads’ Club Time Trial was also a five miles event, held on 15 August 1931. The course used is unknown but was won by Norman Pearce at an average speed of 24.62 mph, giving a time of 12:12. Considering that this may well have been on a fixed wheel and the differences in equipment, that was a phenomenal ride and was faster than all but two of tonight’s riders.

The temperature was a pleasant 17°C with a very light north-westerly wind giving gentle assistance from the sharp left turn at Standalone Warren all the way through to the finish. Being just five miles in length did not mean it was an easier test than the 10 mile Briercliffe course though, due to the full on effort right from the start.

Well done to Gavin Ashfield (Team Sales for the fastest ride of the evening and to Ella Ruggles (HNCC) taking the women’s honours.  Andy Saunders was the fastest HNCC rider in the men’s competition.  Ryan Witchell still holds the course record (10:46) from an event last season.

Hitchin Nomads Competition

Women: Ella Ruggles (Junior) 15:21

Men: Andy Saunders 12:09; Paul Abraham 12:49; Jim Bainbridge 13:03; Nigel Tooke 13:38; John Curtin 14:01; Brian Ruggles 14:09; Olly Oxton 14:24; Mark Bowden 14:50; Mark Loosley 14:51; Chris Corney 15:19; David Summerell 16:09; David Heath 16:44

Private Time Trials

Gavin Ashfield (Team 11:39; Sam Hayes (Team 13:30; Graham Laming (Beds Road CC) 14:02

Next Event

19:00 Tuesday 28 May 2019 – Dave Gudgin 25 (round 2 of 4) using the standard 1U/25 course.