Dave Gudgin 25 – 14 May 2019

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials – under its rules and regulations.

Principal Time Keeper and Event Secretary: Leanne Cutler
Handicapper: Nigel Wilson
Assistant Time Keeper: Paul Riley
Props: Sam Hayes (TSE), Steve Robinson
Reporter: Nick Hickman (TSE)
Club TT Secretary: Julian Pegg

The Dave Gudgin series consists of four events around nominated 25M courses.  In recent years the 1U25  Southill  based course has been used, the same as is used for the Medium Gear and 2-up competitions.  In theory the Nomads Open 25 using F14/25 at Guilden Morden could be put into the mix for future years and this might be a good way to encourage further Club participation in that Event?

It is a handicap competition, with the average of the best three performances used to determine the winner and recipient of the magnificent samovar trophy (also referred to as the “tea urn”).  It has occasionally been awarded on two best out of three due to event cancellations.  Winners names have been engraved every year since 1973, this being the 47th edition of the series.  As a handicap competition, there is equal opportunity for women, men and juniors to get their names on the silverware.  This is evidenced by Catherine Jones being the current holder.

Dave Gudgin Memorial Trophy

The trophy was presented by Dave Gudgin’s family following his fatal cycling accident while training on the Biggleswade bypass (A1).  Dave rode Road Races and shorter TTs. He was in his mid 20’s when he passed.

Hitchin Nomads Competition

Handicaps are calculated by Club Records Officer, Nigel Wilson, and are based on riders’ performance at prior events.  Results are presented in order of best time on handicap, with scratch times also given:

Dave Gudgin 2019 – Event One

Private Time Trials

Scratch times only are given, since the handicap competition is not open to non-members:

Jason Stuart (Team Salesengine.co.uk) 59:41; Nick Hickman (Team Salesengine.co.uk) 1:04:56; Alex Lubbock (Beds Road CC) 1:05:54; Graham Laming (Beds Road CC) 1:16:30

Next Event

The “Clive Five”, on Tuesday 21st May at 19:00.  A 5 Miles time trial using the 1U5 course and held in memory of Clive Collins.  Full details with a call for entries and crew will be posted up to the Club Facebook Group a few days before.