“Old Skool 10” – 19 June 2018

Event Sec and Principal Time Keeper: Leanne Cutler
Assistant Time Keeper: Nigel Wilson
Prop: Julian Pegg
Reporter: Ryan Witchell

A warm, moist, but cloudy evening saw twenty-one riders take to the usual Briercliffe 10 course we all know and love for the annual ‘non-aero’ TT.  Oh, and one wind dodger, Ryan “The Moose” Witchell, who did not get the memo.

Conditions were good, with a medium WSW breeze helping riders from mile 3-7.  However it made the infamous Col du Shuttleworth that little bit harder [EDITOR: check house sign at top next time you pass – it is properly named “Col Emoreham”].  Fourteen riders took advantage of the conditions to “go evens” and post a sub-30 time, the best of them all being Adam Gross in a superb 24:36.  Special mention goes to Matt Lippard, who by all the accounts got lost twice, but still managed a 28:08.  Maybe the lack of aero attire messed with his navigation?  Fastest Nomad was Sam Hayes with 25:50, some 2:05 slower than his best TT bike effort, proving to us all that it’s all about the bike!

Last off was the [EDITOR: “ever so modest”] legend that is Ryan Witchell, a mighty powerhouse of a rider, tearing up the course with such panache and outright speed in a 21:43.  But since he was sporting full aero attire, this counted for nothing.

Special thanks to the timekeepers and props, and also Michael Webb, using the event to show off his new visual recording device.  See his gallery.

Hitchin Nomads (non-aero):

Women: Helen Riley – 38:01

Men: Adam Gross 24:36; Sam Hayes 25:50; Scott Horwood 26:12; Chris Batt 26:29; Manuel Manrique 27:07; Matt Lippard 28:08; Brian Ruggles 28:08; Mark Loosely 29:12; Nigel Tooke 29:14; David Summerell 32:39; Paul Wright 30:06; Chris Corney 30:47; Paul Riley 31:11; Stephen Oliver 31:35; David Heath 32:55

Private Time Trials

Ryan Witchell (HNCC – Aero) 21:43; Ian Woodcock (BRRT) 25:21; Mark Gray (BRRT) 27:45; Mick Case (BRRT) 27:29; Ric Palmer (TSE) 28:39; Chris Priestly (BRRT) 28:46;

Next event

Dave Gudgin 25 (4 of 4), Tuesday 26 June – 7pm